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Professional Networking

Networking is simply making connections with people to build professional relationships. This can help you:

  • Gather valuable career advice
  • Discover or learn about career fields
  • Hear about open job opportunities
  • Get introduced to people who can hire you

As your network grows, you will likely also be able to help others by sharing information.

Professional networking can happen online or in person. Start by talking to people you know or are already connected to.

  • College professors, advisors, staff and administrators
  • Family
  • Friends (and their parents)
  • Alumni
  • Church members
  • Past employers and co-workers
  • Social Media contacts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)

Let them know you're thinking about your future and share what career fields interest you at this time. You'll be surprised by how much information you can get without asking a lot of questions.

You can even reach out to strangers by asking for an informational interview. This is a very effective way to expand your network and can help you learn more about specific career fields and companies that hire people for those roles. When doing this, be ready to share your resume if asked.

Networking Online

As our world goes digital, more and more professional networking is done online. All forms of social media can be leveraged to establish and build connections.

The most popular online professional networking tool is LinkedIn. Make a professional first impression by having a complete, up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Leverage the platform to build a strong network of professional connections, join groups to observe or participate in career-related discussions. Learn more here

Personal Social Media

As you start applying for positions, employers may look into your online presence! Make sure your social media accounts are not unprofessional. If they contain a lot of personal information (as most of our pages do), you may want to check your security settings to make them private.

Special Interest Groups

If your area of interest has private or specialized online networks you can join, you absolutely should consider them. They're a great opportunity to connect directly with people in your field, are safe places where you can learn to "talk the language" in your field. There are many student chapters of professional associations.