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How does the internship paperwork process work?

I'm thinking about an internship, does Principia require any paperwork? 

It depends!  If you're an F1 visa student and you have found a job or an internship, your internship must be tied to your major and it must be for academic credit which means tuition charges will apply. In some situations, you might be able to take a 0SH internship. Once you find an internship, you will need to complete this CPT pre-check form. Check with your major advisor and then check with Roseborn Luckett, Acting Director of International Student Programs and Services. Please contact with questions about CPT. 

Also, some majors at Principia require internships (Business, Digital Media & Journalism, Global Studies, to name a few). You should double-check with your advisor about the requirements. 

Landing an internship is just like searching for a job and getting hired. You will most likely need to apply online, and submit a resume, cover, letter, and interview.  Our career office can help you. Email to get started.   

What is the process to get academic credit? 

 1. Talk with your advisor about your internship offer or idea. Be sure your advisor will approve your internship for a 0SH or 1SH+ course. 

 2. Work with your advisor on the internship contract.  Forms can be found on the registrar’s page here.   If you are not sure which form to use please email for assistance. 

 3. Please have your internship supervisor send an email to with the following information: Your job title, your dates of employment, hours you will be working, pay rate, and a brief job description.  We won't be able to approve your contract until we receive this information. 

 4. Once you've completed your academic internship contract, email it to  The Career Center will review it. If any changes need to be made we will get in touch.  Next, we will send it to the registrar. 

 5. The registrar will review your contract; if it is complete, they will send it electronically to be signed. Watch your email box for a message since you (the student) will be among the first to sign the contract. 

 6. Once approved you will be enrolled in the "course".  If you are an F1 visa student, Roseborn can't begin your CPT until she has a signed contract.  

 7. Watch for emails from Carrie and Monica to prepare for your internship.  

 8. Towards the end of your internship, your site supervisor will receive an evaluation to complete. This eval is sent to your faculty sponsor. 

 If you have any questions, please reach out!