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Financial Support

We want to help you achieve your dreams!  Did you know we have a stipend award fund for internships? 

Many summer internships are paid internships and many internships pay above average salaries. But there are many internships that may only give you a stipend.  And while finances shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream internship it’s important that you choose an internship that is affordable. Can you afford accommodations in the internship city for a few months? Including deposits? How about the transportation? What about food and other living expenses? While these stipend funds are meant to help off-set your expenses, chances are neither the stipend award nor your salary will cover everything. Please plan to apply early for funds because they are limited. Funds are usually released after your internship begins.

Tuition: Some majors require internships and that may require you to pay tuition. Internships are college courses and if you want or need credit you will need to pay tuition. However, financial aid may be applied and you may only be responsible for small tuition balance. All F1 Visa students considering internships must choose an internship that they can tie to their major and it must be for academic credit. Financial aid will be applied and students may only be responsible for small tuition balance.

The Career-Based Summer Internship Stipend Fund: Once you find an approved summer internship opportunity and have a confirmation email from the employer that includes the dates of the internship and if it’s paid or unpaid, you are encouraged to apply for the career-based summer internship stipend to see if you qualify for a stipend. We have an online form we can send you. 

The Robert McClory Endowed Congressional Internship Fund helps offset internship expenses with the U.S. State Department and on Capitol Hill with Senate or Congressional offices in Washington D.C. In the case of congressional internships, the home district offices will be considered.