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How To Find Internships


How, When, and Where to Look for Internship Opportunities

It's never too early to start thinking about an internship.  They are more popular the summer before your junior or senior year in college because you will have taken more courses related to your major. Many employers expect to employ senior interns.

 Key tip: Most students don't realize the best time to look almost one year prior to the summer you are looking. So, get your resume over the summer and be ready to apply in the fall for your summer internship. 

Handshake and LinkedIN are two the best places to find internships. As a Principia College student you have a free account to Handshake.  You will want to work with our office to make sure you have a solid resume and also to look over your Handshake and LinkedIN profiles. Do your best to complete your Handshake profile to 100 percent. 

Another way to find internship is through search engines. They are great for major or job-specific or location-specific searches, because they use keywords and search filters similar to what you are accustomed to. Some search engines can send you notifications when new items match your search criteria. But be careful they don’t require fees to place you in an internship, especially international internship placements. Principia will not reimburse these types of fees.

These are just examples. You can Google your own word searches.

Some search engines are industry specific, for example:

Or try search engines by state, for example: