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LinkedIn can be a powerful professional networking and communication tool when used effectively. Be sure to email us at to do a quick check of your LinkedIN account. There are lots of tips and tricks that will expedite your success on LinkedIN.

 Here are a few of its greatest uses:

  • Grow your network and build powerful connections for jobs and internships.
  • Communicate with your network through posts and direct messages
  • Observe or engage professional communities by joining groups
  • Get found and contacted by recruiters seeking your skills and experience

A strong profile starts with:

  1. a high quality photo,
  2. strong headline,
  3. summary using narrative style, and
  4. complete academic and work history.

Start building your "professional community" by connecting with people you know. This could include your friends from high school and college (and their parents), Principia faculty and staff, family connections, and people you worked with directly during an internship.

Expand your network to include Principia alumni, professionals who visit your classes, and people you meet on field trips and at academic or professional conferences—don't be afraid to contact speakers and panelists. Upcoming influencers in career fields of interest to you are also great people to connect with.

Connect With Alumni

Use LinkedIn's Alumni Tool to search LinkedIn users who indicate they are alumni of Principia. Filter by geography, employer, profession, and major or search by keyword. You can also join this Principia Career Connect group and ask for informational interviews and other career-related questions. 

Personalize Your Invitation

When reaching out to connect on LinkedIn, it’s recommended invitations be personalized. Exceptions would be if you are already close friends or if you are standing next to the person when sending the invite.

You can avoid sending the default "I'd like to join your LinkedIn network" message by navigating to their profile page to click "Connect" and "Add a note". If you want to personalize a message, here is an article with tips.