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Using the College Library Catalog

Introduction to the New Prin College Catalog

For over a year, the library has been preparing to upgrade to a new library system with more robust search features and a more intuitive interface to provide a better library experience for users. The whole team has poured their hearts into this project. All 98 I-Share libraries are also upgrading their systems at this time, so there has been a steep learning curve for all of us. We’re still working out the issues and we want you to have the very best experience possible, so if there’s a feature, link, or page that isn’t doing what you expected or if you have questions, please drop us a note or give us a call. There is quite a bit of cleanup work to do, so please have patience with us as we iron out the wrinkles.


With so much change happening at colleges around the globe, perhaps the most important gift we can give our community right now is space for grace: grace as we all retool and reframe the way we do things. No matter what this schoolyear looks like, we are here to make sure each and every one of you gets the support you need.


Wishing you happy reading and a great semester,


Your Principia Library Team