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Using the College Library Catalog

Using Search Results

Search results

Viewing results list

  • Physical and digital items have the same display (for example, e-books and physical books both display as “book”  - check the location to know if it’s in the actual library or online)














Refine results in left-hand sidebar

  • include/exclude options for each facet

  • Click the blue arrows to expand/collapse the options in each facet



Viewing an individual record


Favorites pin - saves a list of favorites 

  • Blue mini-navigation bar - navigate the sections:
  • Send to yourself via email or copy/paste a permalink (great for creating a link to use in Canvas!)




  • Get It

  • Details

  • Virtual Browse

  • Virtual browse allows users to view items that would be nearby on the shelves:



  • Links 

    • Use up/down/”x” buttons along the left side to move to the next/previous record, or to return to the results list