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Reimagining Bibliography

Items related to reimagining curriculum. This is not a comprehensive list, but a starting point.

Regional Institutions in the News

Bernhard, S. K., Blythe. (2023, December 11). Crisis on campus: Financial troubles threaten the survival of colleges across St. Louis.

Fontbonne College

Krull, R. (2023, November 8). Fontbonne Contemplates $5.2M Deficit, Major Cuts. Riverfront Times.

Moody, J. (2024, March 12). Fontbonne University to Close in 2025. Inside Higher Ed.
Iowa Wesleyan University Closed May 2023
Moody, J. (2023, March 23). Iowa Wesleyan Will Close. Inside Higher Ed.
Lincoln Christian University Closing May 2024
Moody, J. (2023, October 13). Lincoln Christian University Announces Closure. Inside Higher Ed.

Lincoln College (Illinois) Closed June 2023

Jaschik, S. (2022, March 31). College Closes After 157 Years. Inside Higher Ed.

Lindenwood University (Missouri)
Lederman, D. (2023, December 4). ‘Rebalancing’ Resources, Lindenwood to Cut 10 Sports Teams. Inside Higher Ed.
Macmurray College (Illinois) Closed May 2020

Moore, B. (2020, March 27). MacMurray College to close after 174 years. The State Journal-Register.

Webster University

Kukuljan, S. and Bernhard, B. (2023, January 29). As annual losses reach $25M, Webster University looks to pivot student focus. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri).

Moody, J. (2024, March 4). Judge Allows Webster to Lift Endowment Restrictions. Inside Higher Ed.

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