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Marketing - BUAD 320 - de Paz

How to Use Statista

Session 1

Select Consumer Market Outlook

  • Open your Consumer Market
  • Set your location to Americas>North America>United States
  • Charts, graphs and statistics are downloadable
  • Follow with a keyword search

Session 2

  • Once you have a clear sense of your target demographic you can use the Global Consumer Survey to learn more about the preferences and habits of that demographic group.
  • Browse the Consumer Market Survey
  • Select the United States
  • On the left side of the screen select relevant questions from the survey - start with the category for Marketing & Social Media 
  • Select the questions under the category that you are interested in
  • View the results on the right side of the screen
  • If you are interested in cross-tabs you can choose a demographic filter for the question  
  • You can also select a target group