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Linking to Library Databases

Instructions on how to link to library resources for Blackboard or other uses.

Linking to Library Resources

This LibGuide explains the different database methods for linking back to articles and books.  Each platform has a different name for static URLs to their resources.  Select the appropriate platform/database on the left for more information. If you want to find a specific journal to linkto, you can use Journal Locator link on the left to find where we have access to specific journal titles. 

EZProxy Authentication for Both On & Off-Campus usage

The library uses an authentication software called EZProxy to enable off-campus/remote usage of our resources.  Any URLs that you want to have access from off-campus/remotely must include the EZProxy prefix listed to the right.

To access many library resources remotely, you may need to include the following information in a direct link URL.

EZProxy URL:


You do not need to use the EZproxy URL for:

  • Resources freely available on the web

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