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Linking to Library Databases

Instructions on how to link to library resources for Blackboard or other uses.

EbscoHost Database Linking to an Article

In EbscoHost, the URL to send to other users is called a "permalink".  You access the link from the individual record page.  You can then use the URL to send to others or to post in Blackboard. 

EbscoHost Database Linking to a Search

To copy a persistent link to a search:

  • From a Result List, click the Alert/Save/Share link at the top of the result list. The Alert/Save/Share options will display in a box. 
  • The persistent link to your search will be displayed in a box labeled Permalink. Highlight the link and copy using your browser's copy function. You can immediately paste the link into a web site, document or email.

How to Find the EbscoHost Permalink

Creating EbscoHost Search Alerts