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Academic Accessibility - Faculty

Many faculty wonder what they can do to make their classes accessible to a broader range of learners. Here are five  ideas to get you started:

  1. Use multi-modal communication. Say out loud in class what the expectations are for assignments, any changes, etc., AND post the information on Canvas.
  2. Use an 18-point sans serif font for your documents and communications.
  3. When creating assignments, use the "headings" feature so that headings will be identified within text readers. Use bold, italics, underlining, etc., sparingly, knowing that these distinctions will only be apparent to visual consumers.
  4. Early in the term, make sure to mention when larger assignments are going to be due. Consider creating due dates for incremental segments of larger assignments.
  5. Consider using pale yellow or other warm-toned paper if you provide large reading assignments in a printed form. Consider using pale blue paper for printed assignments that require significant organization.

Faculty sometimes suspect that a student is struggling. In such cases, please:

Faculty may wonder how they would be notified if a student needs accommodations. Here's the proceess:

  • When students require accommodations, they will present faculty with an accommodations letter resulting from their collaboration with the Academic Success Coordinator, Josephine Finen.
  • Faculty will review and implement the accommodations outlined in the letter.
  • If there are questions, Josephine will be happy to support faculty in understanding more about the requested accommodations and how they can be implemented.

Important: Accommodations should not alter the learning outcomes of your course nor fundamentally alter your course. If faculty are concerned that an accommodation may result in a fundamental alteration of their course, they should fill out this form to explain their concern. Josephine will receive this information and follow up with you.