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Scroll down for information for New Students, Continuing Students, and Resuming/Returning Students. 

Information for New Students

How do I select courses and register for my first semester on campus?
In your Principia email, you will find directions for accessing your Principia login. After you have logged in, open the email from Advising and follow the directions in the email to access the PATH2PRIN course, which is full of helpful information. 

The new student advising process includes two virtual whole-group meetings (and/or recordings of these meetings) which will help you better understand the education you will be offered at Principia College, as well as how to prepare for your initial advising meeting and register for classes for your first term. Be sure to check your Principia email regularly for important communications.

Who is my advisor?
Advising will work with all new students to help them register for classes for their first term, and will continue as their new student advisor. Once you declare a major, you'll choose a faculty advisor from your major field of study. 

Can I change my advisor?
Yes. Contact AASC Director, Joy Trout at for assistance.

When do I declare my major?
Usually students are ready to declare a major by the end of the first full year of college, but you can declare earlier. Some majors are considered "early-starting majors" and need to be planned beginning in the freshman year. You should declare a major by your second year in order to have sufficient time to complete it.  During your first terms you will want to discuss your interests and experiences with your New Student Advisor, who can help you find the best major for you. Also, consider taking CAR 051/101 to discover majors which will be a good fit for you. Once you have decided upon a major, your New Student Advisor will walk you through the process of declaring.

Information for Continuing Students

Continuing students work closely with their advisor(s) to address their advising needs, but AASC is here to help, as well!

If you have general questions about degree requirements, forms, polices, processes, or other elements of college planning, feel free to drop by and ask.

If you have questions or concerns about the advising process, please reach out to AASC Director, Joy Trout, at

Information for Resuming or Returning Students

Resuming or returning students who have re-enrolled after being away for one or more terms should contact Becky Coles at for information and assistance with advising and registration.