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Academic Accessibility - Student

Hey, students! Here's what to do if you have, or suspect you have, a disability or long-term/substantial illness or injury which impacts your learning:

  1. Make an appointment with Josephine Finen at Feel free to bring a friend or professor, if you'd like to.
  2. Bring documentation if you have it (IEP, 504 Plan from a prior school/college, documents from certified specialists, etc.).
  3. If you don't have documentation, we have assessments tools we can use to help determine areas of strength and needs.
  4. During the initial meeting, we will primarily discuss your experience and concerns. Subsequent meetings will be organized around your academic needs.

Some examples of what may be recommended after a documentation review and/or assessment could be:

  • developing skills to improve academic performance, which can be done independently or with the support of Advising & Academic Success Center staff and/or
  • developing an accommodations letter if faculty will need to be involved in academic success strategies

For more specific information, review the Principia College Academic Accessibility Guide.