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Literary Editing - ENGL 353 - O'Neil

Overall Strategy

1) Find background information:

  • Does the creator have a webpage, twitter feed, facebook page, blog, poetry foundation or other digitial presence?
  • If they are an academic, find their curriculum vitae CV on their institution's faculty listing.
  • Does the creator have a wikipedia entry?
  • Does the creator have any YouTube videos?
  • Use journal (i.e. Academic Search Complete) and newspaper databases (i.e. NexisUni) to find articles about or reviews or interviews.
  • Use Google and/or Google Scholar to find additional information

Follow up on any bibliography or list of sources for each of the items you find.

Keep a list of the references you find.

2) Listen, watch, or read the items you have found. Maybe even more than once.

3) Organize your notes and/or references into categories:

  • Interviews
  • Critical Reception
  • List of Works
  • Biographical Information, etc.