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Sociology & Anthropology Capstone - SOAN 400 - Herr


1. To browse a thesaurus of terms available in the database, click the Subjects link at the top of the EBSCOhost screen. If you are searching multiple databases, several subject lists may be available. They will appear in the drop-down list.

2. Select the thesaurus that you want to browse. A new thesaurus-specific Browse Screen is displayed. The thesaurus name appears above the Browse for field.


3. Enter your search terms in the Browse for field, and then select from: Term Begins With, Term Contains, or Relevancy Ranked radio buttons and click Browse. A list of headings is displayed and your search terms are retained in the Browse for field.

4. Mark the headings that you want to use, combine your selections with AND, OR, or NOT if needed. (You always have the option of searching the terms requested. If a subject heading is not found for your search terms, the terms are displayed at the bottom of the list. You can mark the check box so that your terms are searched as a keyword search.)

5. Click the Search Database button. A Result List is displayed.


From EBSCOHost's Thesaurus Help Guide.