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Sociology & Anthropology Capstone - SOAN 400 - Herr

1. Use the bibliography to identify the sources that the author cites.  

2. To find these sources:

  - Books: Search in the library catalog, I-Share, or submit an ILL request. 

- Journal Articles: Search Google Scholar and the library catalog. If we do not have the title, submit an ILL request.

1. Search for the title of the author's work in Google Scholar

2. Click the link labeled "cited by #".  This number represents the number of times that the title of this work has been cited.

3. Look through the results, skimming the abstracts for additional sources on your topic.  Not all of these sources will relate to your topic.

4.To find these sources:

  - In-Person Classes: 

Books: Search (1) in the library catalog, (2) I-Share, or (3) submit an ILL request. 

Journals: Search (1) Google Scholar and the library catalog, then (3) submit an ILL request.


Three types of sources that can be tough to distinguish in a bibliography are books, journal articles, and book chapters.

Bergquist, W. H., & Pawlak, K. (2008). Engaging the six cultures of the academy: Revised and expanded edition of the four cultures of the academy. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.
Morgan, G., Frost, P. J., & Pondy, L. R. (1983). Organizational symbolism. In L. R. Pondy (Ed.), Organizational symbolism (pp. 3–35). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.
Ouchi, W. G., & Wilkins, A. L. (1985). Organizational culture. Annual Review of Sociology, 11(1), 457–483.

Citation Tracing in Library Search

Our library search has built-in citation tracing! After entering your search terms, look for the red arrows at the top corner of each article in the results list:

The "up" arrow takes you to research that cites this article, and the "down" arrows take you to research cited in this article.