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OpenAthens Authentication at Principia College

OpenAthens Link Generator

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OpenAthens Link Generator:
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Permalinks are the easiest way to link to library resources in Canvas, reading lists, websites, and email. A permalink is a URL or web address that will consistently point to a specific library resource such as an article, ebook, ejournal, streaming video, database, or record in a database.

Why use permalinks:

  1. URLs or links in the address bar of your browser may be session-based or search-based and not work when copied and used another time.
  2. Linking to licensed library resources in Canvas is copyright compliant. Linking is recommended over posting digital copies of full articles or chapters.
  3. Linking allows library use to be counted. We gather usage statistics and consider usage when making decisions about journal or database cancellations.

Linking to Databases

On the A-Z Databases list, click on the Share icon share icon to the right of the database name and use the URL that appears in the popup window. This URL uses OpenAthens so you can access the resource both on- and off-campus.

Linking to books, journals, articles

Start from the Library homepage and use the Principia College Library Catalog search box to search for the resource. After you find the book, chapter, article or paper you need, click on the resource name to see the description. Look for the Permalink button at the bottom of the page, click and copy.

If you are searching within a library database and want to link to a database record for an article or book, look for a permalink, stable URL, or a share link. Most databases provide a link that will bring you back to the record in the database.

Manually Creating OpenAthens Links

Most resources that use OpenAthens will have "openathens" in the URL. For these resources, if you know the URL, you can use the OpenAthens Link Generator to get the Principia College URL. There are some exceptions including EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale, Kanopy, see below.  

Databases that do not use the OpenAthens in the URL

These databases use OpenAthens; however, OpenAthens does not appear in the URL. These URLs do not work with the OpenAthens Link Generator. These are just examples. To find the correct URL, use either the Database A-Z list or search for the resource on the Library website.


Platform Steps Needed Example URL


when URL begins with ""

Add "&authtype=shib&custid=s8498535" to the end of the URL.

If there is an existing "authtype" or "custid" it will need to be removed.

Gale eBooks URL should include "prin_mbl"

Kanopy URL should include "principiacollege"

ProQuest Ebook Central URL should include "principiacollege"