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Principia Archives

Welcome to the Principia Archives

Melody Hauf-Belden, Principia Archivist & Special Collections Librarian

Location:The Archives office is found in the Marshall Brooks Library on the Principia College campus, Elsah, IL.

Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm during the College semester term. Breaks will have variable access scheduling, coordinating with the Marshall Brooks Library. The College Library website lists current hours for building access.

Due to Covid restrictions, Please email your questions. Office visits will be one day a week and must be scheduled in advance.


Principia founders, Mary and William Morgan

About the Archives...

Principia-related materials are are collected, preserved, and maintained from our active College (Elsah, IL), School (St. Louis, MO) campuses, and the (1898-1959) original Principia Page Blvd. campus, St. Louis, MO. Some unique archival materials from our local community and outstanding Alumni are also found in the Archives.

Enthusiastic researchers, College and School faculty, staff, students, alumni, local and greater community members are provided access and engagement with Principia's valued historical collections. The Archives holds original documents, papers, media, photographs, correspondences, historical records, and other primary sources as related to Principia. We pursue opportunities for enriching and educating all generations, and strive to connect our institutional roots with the community near and far with access the evolving present.  

Archival materials are not represented in a public catalog, however, you are welcome to contact the Archivist with your specific research questions and to schedule appointments to come in to conduct detailed research.

Due to Covid restrictions, Please email your questions. Office visits will be available one day a week and must be scheduled in advance.

  • You are encouraged to Ask a Question or make an Archives Appointment. Please provide specific details to help the Archivist understand the nature and scope of your research.
  • Please schedule an appointment with at least 2 days advanced notice. 
  • Answering your research questions may take time - 2 days to 2 weeks or more depending on complexity.
  • Principia faculty, staff, students and local researchers are encouraged to participate in conducting and/or participating their own research and scheduling an appointment by sending and email or an Outlook meeting request.

Citation Source:  Principia Archives, Principia College, Elsah, IL

Caption: Courtesy of the Principia Archives

Archive Materials

Minimum appropriate recognition by caption must include the source (Courtesy of the Principia Archives) and appear in close proximity with all materials used from the Archives and Special Collections. (End credit lines are appropriate for film/movies). The citation must accompany the use of all Archives materials (photographs, media, letters, reports, catalogs, programs, media etc.), whether for personal display, classroom projects, or with official "Permissions for Use" for Publications - websites, blogs, social media, printed, etc.

Photograph Captions / Citations - use your style guide:

  • A Caption appears on or next to the image : Courtesy of the Principia Archives
  • Identifies images with a Title or Description as appropriate
  • Identifies images with a Date (if possible)
  • Credits the Source according to your style guilde - The Principia Archives, Principia College, Elsah, Illinois.

Women's Fencing Team, 1957

Principia College Women's Fencing Team, 1957.
Courtesy of the Principia Archives.

You must have Permission to use photographs and unpublished materials (letters, reports, catalogs, programs etc.) from the Archives, whether for personal display, classroom projects, or with a confirmed "Permission for Use" for authorized Publications - websites, blogs, social media, printed, etc.

Start by discussing your project with the Archivist. This ensures that copyright and conditional considerations are addressed prior to use. 

DUPLICATION: We want you have the best version of materials for your project. Please discuss your duplication/copy/scanning needs with the Archivist before using Principia Archives materials.

Policies Documents are coming soon!