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Photography Fundamentals - MDIA 181 - Bauer, S.

JSTOR is my go-to for high quality art. For example, here's a few photographers in the database:

  • Ansel Adams -  2,309 images
  • Cindy Sherman -  312 images
  • Elliott Erwitt - 3,164 images
  • Imogen Cunningham - 65 images
  • Robert Frank: 1,136 images
  • Eliot Porter: 512 images

Export from Workspace to PowerPoint

Exporting images in your Workspace to PowerPoint enables you to review, describe, manage, and add images for presentation in a visual format on- or offline.

Exported PowerPoint presentations include the following:

  1. A title slide with the name of your folder and the folder's description in the speaker notes
  2. Slides for each image and image detail view with item metadata and any notes you may have added in the speaker notes

To export images in a folder to PowerPoint:

  1. Visit your Workspace folder and open the Export drop-down menu.
  2. Select Images to PowerPoint. A progress bar will indicate that the download is processing. Completion time will vary depending on the size of the folder you're exporting.
  3. The finished PowerPoint file (.pptx) can be found in your downloads folder.


  • Non-image items in the exported folder won't be included in the PowerPoint file.
  • Items inside subfolders within the exported folder won't be included in the PowerPoint file. You can use these steps to export additional folders separately.
  • You must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed in order to view and edit the finished PowerPoint slide deck.