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Educational Studies Subject Guide

Official APA Citation Style Guide Manual:

Helpful APA Style Guides:

Credo Tutorial on APA Style Citations:

Credo APA Tutorial

Citation Software

The library supports Zotero which is designed to help you create, organize, and write citations. Below are the pros and cons.


Zotero: A tool for many citation styles. Able to capture information quickly from web pages, online catalogs, webpages, etc.

               + Many citation styles
               + Easy to import citations
               + Easy to organize
               + Can add a .pdf attachment with citations
               + Works seamlessly with add-ons to create in-text citations and a bibliography for:
                    *Microsoft Office
                    *Google Docs
               + Option to add a note with a citation

               - Internet Connection Required



Zoterobib: This online tool builds a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software.

               + Many citation styles
               + Very easy to use - no software to learn

               + Easy to import citations
               + Can create bibliography fully within your browser; option to generate a link to return later
               + Includes tools for creating parenthetical citations, footnotes, and endnotes

               - Internet connection required
               - Might lose your work if you close your browser while using Chrome's incognito mode

  • Many citation styles
  • Easy to import citations
  • Fairly accurate citations
  • Easy to Organize
  • Can add a .pdf attachment with the citation (virtual filing cabinet)
  • Microsoft Office Add-on for creating in-text citations and a bibliography
  • Option to add a note with a citation (this might be an option for documenting your annotations)
  • Operates within Firefox web browser
  • Internet Connection Required

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