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Global Issues - GLBS 225 - Andrews

Databases covering a wide range of subject areas:
Subject-Specific Databases (Think about PESTLE!)

This 3-minute video provides a review of the tools that make searching faster and more powerful.

Video by Sarah Clark and licensed under a CC BY license.

Too many results?

  • Use more specific terms: "wage gap" instead of inequality
  • Use phrase searching with quotation marks: "wage gap" instead of wage gap
  • Use field searching: try searching in the title field or the keyword field
  • Use the Boolean "AND": gender AND wages
  • Use the Boolean "NOT": Wales NOT Australia for articles about the country of Wales that exclude results from Australia's New South Wales
  • Limit by date: More recent works are more likely to be relevant and accurate
  • Limit to full-text, in our collection

Too few results?

  • Use broader terms: women may return more results than girls does.
  • Use more accurate terms: female OR wom*n instead of girl
  • Truncate terms using the asterisk (*) econom* will return results that include economy, economies, economical, economist, economists...
  • Try another database
  • Use the Boolean "OR": Asia OR China OR Mongolia
  • Use subject headings of one good source to link to others
  • Follow-up on citations from one good source: that's one reason why scholars list their sources!

You can request journal articles from an EbscoHost database, a ProQuest database, or through a form.

From an EbscoHost database:

  • Click on the detailed record for the article.
  • Click on the link “Request document via interlibrary loan” and complete the form.

From ProQuest One Business:

  • Click on the detailed record for the article
  • Click on "Request this item" and complete the form.

Otherwise, please fill out the interlibrary loan form below.

Questions? Contact Abigail DeWeese at 618.374.5072 or

Google Scholar Search

You can add Principia College subscriptions with full text to your Google settings by -

Open Google Scholar > Settings

In Settings > Select Library Links

Type Principia to see all the options > Check All Three

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