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Copyright Resources

Annual Copyright License


To check if a specific item is covered by the Annual Copyright License, you can use CCC’s search tool, RightFind Academic, to quickly and easily check permissions under the Annual Copyright License. To get started, simply go to and begin searching for permissions under your Annual Copyright License (if you’re prompted to log in, simply register as a user using your email account before you begin your search).

When you use content that is covered by the Annual Copyright License, you are encouraged to use the following citation to indicate you have confirmed copyright permission to post or distribute the content.

“[TITLE] [Volume/ Edition] by [Author].  Copyright [Copyright Year] by [Rightsholder].  Reprinted by permission of [Rightsholder] via Copyright Clearance Center.”

Need some help? Check out CCC’s Verifying Coverage Quick Guide that walks you through the simple steps of verifying coverage under our Annual Copyright License. If content is not covered by the Annual Copyright License, contact Chelsea Brueggeman with general copyright questions and Cathy Barlow to request ordering copyright clearance.