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Outdoor Education - EDST 130 - Lovseth, S.

How do I choose a topic?

Below are a list of possible topics to conduct your research on. 

Wilderness therapy Concept of character education in outdoor education
Adjudicated youth in the outdoors

Pedagogy of place in outdoor education

Equine therapy                Place based curriculum and instruction in outdoor ed
Service learning within outdoor education Behavioral management in outdoor adventure ed
Forest Kindergartens History of outdoor adventure education
Biophilia Effecting environmental attitudes and/or steward

Outdoor education effect on self-efficacy

Benefits of outdoor ed on children Social benefits of outdoor ed
Identity development Resilience and outdoor ed
Impacts of technology in OAE

Facilitators/instructors in OAE

Diversity and changing participant demographics Nature deficit disorder
Health benefits

Gender and OAE

Social justice in OAE Theory in OAE design and practice 

Role of/contribution of Outward Bound or NOLS in OAE

Outdoor Education in a particular country (NZ, Japan, England, Iceland, etc.)

What kind of sources can I use?

  • At least 4 reputable sources in addition to your class textbook
    • 2 of which must be scholarly, peer reviewed sources (academic/scholarly journals or chapters from books) 
    • Other (non-peer reviewed) credible sources:
      • Government websites
      • NGO websites or publications
      • legitimate organization/institutional websites
      • statistical publications
      • newspapers.
  • Cite your sources using APA style

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