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POLS 332 - Presidential Leadership - Roberts

Presidential Leadership

Researching Presidential Leadership

Remember to focus on the president's ability to lead, persuade, bargain, negotiate, etc. You are not looking for evidence that says that this was a good policy or a bad policy, The focus is on leadership. 

Begin your presidential biographical research with the Miller Center American President site

Begin your policy research with an overview from CQ Almanac. Make a note of the date of passage of the law or the ratification of the treaty by the Senate.

Generate some alternate keywords and some good uses of truncation to broaden you search results in books and articles.

For books: look for the topic or the name of the legislation, the name of the president and either the term policy or leadership

For articles: look for both articles and book reviews on the president that mention the policy area

For presidential documents: limit your search to the appropriate date range and look for the name of the president and the policy area (not the name of the legislation exclusively)

For public opinion: search CQ Almanac, newspapers and articles