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What Are You Waiting For? - GEN 101 - O'Hagan & Young

Cover ArtTitle: Drama for Students
Description: A great starting point for information about commonly studied plays. Each entry includes: an overview of the play; a brief biography of the playwright; a discussion of the play's principal themes; and excerpted critical commentary on various facets of the play.

Accessible in Gale Virtual Reference Library


When conducting theatre research, search using these elements:

  • Playwright's name
  • Name of play
  • Alternate spellings/name of play
  • Genre
  • Performers
  • Actors/actresses
  • Acting company
  • Places
  • Themes
  • Characters
  • Symbolism
  • Reviews
  • Criticism
  • Notices

Other things to consider:

  • Combine the above elements with the appropriate logic operator
  • Are there multiple ways to describe a play? playwright? etc.
  • Be cautious how you truncate a search term, you could retrieve irrelevant results.

If you still aren't sure, ask a librarian.

From an EbscoHost database,

  • Click on the detailed record for the article.
  • Click on the link “Request document via interlibrary loan” and complete the form.

Otherwise, please fill out this Article Request Form.

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